Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Swords and Wizardry: Or the Little Game that Could!

Swords and Wizardry: Or the Little Game that Could!

Swords and Wizardry! What a game!

It invokes this primal primitive version of gaming.

That incredible line "Imagine the HELL of of it" is the mantra.

Due to it's lack of rules it frees one to create.

The simple attributes puts the gamer into a different place of just story and not game.

For the game master it blows the lid off of creativity because he can just write it out or make it up as he goes!

Either way is easy!

It spawns in the mind new worlds of fantasy. 

FrogGod Games has discounted their entire line of Swords & Wizardry products for 1 day only in celebration of Swords & Wizardry appreciation day (April 17th 2013). The discount is good for 25% off S&W Products but you must use coupon* code SWApprDay on April 17th 2013 at check out.

*The coupon excludes items less than $1, S&W Cards, Pre-Orders, and Subscriptions.

D20PFSRD store is also running a sale on Swords& Wizardry PDFs. Use the provided link and use coupon code: SWAD252013

(feel free to make sure your fellow gamers know about these sales and the codes)

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