Friday, April 26, 2013

Role Play Gaming Societies

Can there ever be a modern day gaming society or club like there was as described in the Ryth Chronicles?

I mean like them but not as primitive. Ryth is still a good read but their style of play was not quite as developed.

A return to a large group of gamers. Multiple groups.

Multiple DMs and shared campaigns.

NOT using the overly complicated modern rules.  Something like LL/AEC with some house rules added.

I have recently made contact with the Gaming Society at large in my area at a recent Convention. 

It appears that the Gaming took over more than half of the Con!

Very little of it was RPGs but still it was a wonderful sign! 

There seems to be just a few games of PFRPG and very little else. 


I could imagine using my setting The Little Barony and the megadungeon The Black Stairs  as a base and then having other GMs make maps adjoining for their campaigns!

SO what to do!

First get an Old School Game going with a few new players and a few experienced ones.
I call the speed of Old School Games "The Flow" because the rules don't slow anything down. 

The experienced ones are going to be the problem as they like the clunky front end loaded characters (but still really cool and fun to play) of modern gaming. 

They can't run the said games (most of the time) and feel free to complain that they are not as powerful but still they can't run them. 

I can run anything. I just like less rules and more story. 

Most of them could run LL/AEC.  

Most of them could add in house rules for many of the options they like. With GM approval of course.

The rest of their problems they will have to just suck it up and actually work to get powerful.  

OR is this going to be another failed attempt at trying to play it Old School and let people see my creative vision fulfilled

I guess I will have to get off my ass and try.  





  1. Go for it. I think this a great way to get new people into the hobby.

  2. This exists. Online:

  3. Thanks for the reply!

    I just posted to the local group about FLAILSNAILS, Ryth, and the West Marches.

  4. Hey what do you know. No response to the repost to the local group but there is still a light. The coordinator at the local con wants to organize gaming in the southwest Louisiana area. Let us see how that goes.