Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hero's Mag Redo 1985 Version with Modern Innovations

Well it has went through many innovations. A freeform version, a version that took into account armor damage stopping ability and a universal chart. Just not as fun as the old roll vs AC so I just went back to that version. You get to buy your powers and for the most part they are preset and preloaded. No fiddiddly power levels and such.

For example: You want to be a human torch type dude? It will cost you 16 Power Points!
Elemental Body Flame: + 9 AC, has body of pure fire, can fly, burn things at +2 with 1-10 damage. P16

Want to be a master of magnetism?
Elemental Power Metal: +3 Magnetic Ray 1-12, Control Magnetism +5 P8

Sample Villains
Gonion: Brute 16PP
Super Strength +8 1d12, Armor +6 AC16, Endurance +2d6.
AC16 HD12d6

Gravitas: Controller 19PP
Elemental Power Gravity: +3 Graviton Ray 1-12, Control Gravity +5, Fly 100MPH +5AC in Flight, Accuracy +2, Acrobatics +4 AC.
AC14/19 MAC10 HP10d6

Silver Fist: Cybernetic Ninja 19PP
Martial Arts: +4 1d8, +4 to block/parry, Acrobatics +4AC, Cybernetic +3 AC, +3 Super Strength 1d6, Super Senses +2
AC17 MAC10 HD10d6 Cybernetic Martial Attack +7 1d10 (One dice up due to Cybernetic Strength)

Overcast: Teleporter 12PP
Teleport 1000ft., Agility +2. Punch +0 1d4
AC12/22 MAC10 HD10d6 Move10mph/1000ft 1sec.

Kinda close to getting done but not really.

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