Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Day is Saved! GMs that say UH UMMM UH Well Uh m.....

Well it is not that bad. I managed to recover most of my deleted material. Magic and ritual sacrifice works wonders.

Now to a rant after listening to a few Actual Play Podcast/Video. I am not going to say in order to be polite.

GMs that say UH UMMM UH Well Uh m.....

Being a GM is an art. It is acting and being everyone else in a world. Why do some of the most bland and boring people decide to be a GM?

When you run a game make the NPCs alive! DO voices and accents. ACT! Make notes so that every time that NPC is met he or she is the same person. Make them alive and have their lives progress. It wont be that hard in a fantasy RPG as most people don't travel more than a few miles.

Make noises and sound effects if possible. IF you cannot try and do it anyway.

Have mood music. Good music to help the game flow. Have three different albums or more such as Dungeon, Forest, Town, etc.

Always have some kind of one page distraction if it get boring. Throw in a story arc or a completely different story all together. Make them pick and choose with consequences for those that did not assist. Make the world IN NEED OF ADVENTURERS!

Make the setting exciting. Fights don't always happen on flat ground. Make it where they fight on cliff sides, by volcanoes, by acid pits, etc.

Never just make a dungeon a monster hotel. Make it full of history and have many stories inside it. Have people trying to claim jump the dungeon as well. Give the players warning but never let up on them.

ANYTHING FREE you give to a player he or she must pay severely for. Make every level feel like they went through hell.

Kill all stupid players. If they do something stupid and it kills the entire party oh well.

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