Sunday, December 23, 2012

Once again the famous disappearing half of the document!

Once again the famous disappearing half of the document! Yippie! Yay! the joy of having my feet kicked out from under me once again! I selected a few monsters for an introductory module. Everything below that point just disappeared. I looked over the entire document before I closed it satisfied with all the work I had done. A few hours pass. When I opened it a few minutes ago half of it was missing.

But this time I did do a half decent job of saving HALF my document but for fucks sake what the hell is going on that half my goddamn document just goes poof? For the second time! That settles it the document is going back to being separate booklets while the deleter demons are on the goddamn rampage.

I have been editing and creating documents for years now and have never had shit like this happen.

NOTHING pisses me off more when something is working fine and such and then suddenly goes boom and then the next minute starts working like nothing ever happened. I would rather shit catch on fire and burn the hell down that to have idiopathic bullshit quirks. Ever since OO did their update the spellchecker half worse and editing documents is crap! They are supposed to get better every year but they have gotten progressively worse.


  1. My sympathies. The only way I find Open Office reliable is when updates are turned off and left that way. I've even had to occasionally roll back operating system updates to restore OO functionality.