Saturday, December 1, 2012

Back to the Dungeon Musings and Madness.

Well still barely getting to work on my magic items but still working on them.

At least I have a job now!

I am going to make a new class called a Cultist which is going to be a Rouge mixed with a Cleric. I have actually gotten so close to finishing but I have not settled on a complete game yet.

Once I get a rough draft skeleton I am going to go over the whole document slowly and tweak it and add fluff.

For the fluff content...

Working on a few gods based on the combination of many old myths.

The map will only be what I need.

I will always have history a lost knowledge and it will ALWAYS remain mysterious.

Whatever happened was terrible so long ago and only the oldest of elders can tell the tales of bad times.

Will it ever look like a professional document?

I don't care it's not a professional document it's a hobby.

Will I (and my contributors) make any money?


I don't thinks so but that is not the goal. There really is no money in RPGs anymore.

The goal is/was to make a D20 Light/Old School RPG.

The future of gaming again....More ideas and musings...

Unless the existing Pen and Paper gamers revive the hobby, RPGs won't die out but they will go to a place of rarity such as historical wargamers. Comic/Game Shops have been slowly reducing their shelf sizes when it comes to RPGs.

In the golden age back in the 80s and early 90s many (not all) FLGSs were full of life and it was a cool time to see. Now there are game shops out there that are always building up the hobby by having exhibitions and showings of games but there are many that are closing their doors.

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