Saturday, December 22, 2012

Streamlining Back to the Dungeon RPG

Streamlining Back to the Dungeon RPG

"Behold! I have brought you here from beyond! SO when I look at your game Eldrad it just looks alien. It does not say Back to the Dungeon to me because of the different races and classes! Now die!"

"So what should I do? I know I am going to put "other races and classes" in a appendix at the end of the document!"

"Your game evokes the dawn of Role Playing games in it's simplicity. The original had an innocence so it could get away with being a disorganized mess. You have no such excuse and will not be allowed quarter! Your game can be a bridge between styles but as always there will be those who will never give your game a try. So go DIE!"

"Ah ha! That is already the plan! But I have no schedule!"

"Keep on keeping on or DIE!"

"Thank you oh great one!"



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  2. I'm going to be honest, I don't understand the title ofthe game as it never left the dungeon in the first place. I say that not in a snarky way, just that I don't quite understand.

  3. Well I named the game after my blog because there is actually a huge consensus in modern gaming (and even some in the old school) that Dungeon Adventures are asinine and primitive and have no "superior role play value". But the real problem is modern gaming is so rules heavy it makes running a dungeon much harder. Me I love huge rotting megadungeons that are full of danger and story! I wrote this game with the goal of having the ability to be a hack and slash deep role playing game.