Saturday, April 28, 2012

More Free Form Thoughts

Free Form Role Playing....

The NOVEL RPG Rules or lack there of.

A horror to most gamers. No attributes, Hit Points, Skills, Feats, and any other trappings of a RPG. Just the descriptions taking place of the attributes and descriptions taking place of all other aspects of the game.

Just a simple D20 roll with a game master deciding what the difficulty is from what you described on your character sheet.

Combat is easy with damage decided on how well you roll considering the weapon combined with attack ability and your described defenses.

Character are so easy to make. For instance...

Angelo the Poet
A fairly average man with dashing good looks and a great skill for poetry. He is always in the wrong pace at the wrong time. He carries his father's sword and his mother's locket. He is a homeless wanderer whose luck is slowly running out.

There will be more detail as time goes by.

Opinions! Could you run or play a nearly free form RPG or is it too hard to wrap your mind around it?

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