Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the Other SIde of the GM Screen: Playing Pathfinder

Oh I get it!

Now that I have finally played a few times and not ran Pathfinder why my players were kinda ticked when I wanted to convert to LL because I did not have enough prep time.

They flat out did not want to loose their cool characters and all the skills and powers.

I started playing with some old schoolers recently because I just lost the spark to run anything. I wanted to play. GM burnout you know! I was somewhat disappointed that with this old school group Pathfinder was the only game being played. Damn. I made a Wizard who was a Necromancer.

Not the best idea when I discovered that there were two LG Dwarves in the party who hated UNDEAD and Druid! I was not evil just LN and believed that Necromancy could be used as a tool to serve mankind.

But damn all that clunk when playing Pathfinder is really cool. The little extras they added from 3.5 just really rocks from a player's perspective.


Here I go with the gamer ADD and insane flip flopping but I have not had that much fun playing in a very long time!

It's also the company as well. These players are a really good group (not that my group was bad we just are stagnant IMHO). They are what you would call nearly professional gamers. Best of all the DM is this multitasking dude who is running us through Temple of Elemental Evil mixed seamlessly with the Pathfinder setting. Awesome...

Except I now Have found out I will be working nights on a turnaround for some ungodly undetermined amount of time making about 80+ hours a week. Thank god I am hourly!

Oh well the GM is going to go all the way through Scourge of the Slave Lords and Against the Giants. I hope I will be done with the turnaround!


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  1. Wow that is quite the goal to run through all those classics. Always tough to do. I think I planned or other DMs planned just to go through with the who series, we never made it. Good luck with it. It would be interesting to see a PF version of the Slavers and Giants.