Wednesday, April 11, 2012

D&D Next Hooplah


Alright stop talking about D&D Next and put out some play test material. None of your articles out there will really show what you got until you show what you got.

Your feedback and surveys are fairly worthless to you from a site that has mostly angry 4th edition hangers on.

Notice how Pazio did theirs? Release some material and get feedback!

Not talk about it and talk about theories.

Hope you are going to listen to the feedback.


  1. This is just a calculated plot to generate hype (aka viral marketing) and it's working. I haven't mentioned 5e on my blog.

    Fifth is going to suck. There's no doubt. WotC has never it all it's history put out a game I'd call D&D and from the way they talk about gaming it's clear everyone involved has had all fun surgically removed from their bodies.

  2. It's the question I keep asking myself...if people are play testing something how can Mearls say that they only have 15-20% of the game?

    (Mearls says this in the video at YouTube ' The Future of D&D Panel at PAX East - 2012 ')

    I think they are putting together specific 'cuts' of the game and hand picking who is playing that version and seeing how it scores.

    I mean, how can Tracy Hurley say she liked what she played when she is a hardcore 4e person and supposedly they have gone back to the roots?

    But the marketing aspect of this is working...they are sucking the air out of the room for other companies that have viable product for sale now.