Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hero's Mag Redo.

Well I have been working on my Hero's Mag RPG for over the years and have rewritten it many times. I decided to go back to the simple roots of the original game as it stared looking like all the other super hero games out there. Here are a few fully made characters. Not very much info but that never got in the way of the fun and the game always was a blast.

Instead of having different "levels" of power most powers are in a package. For instance all people with the Gravity Power have +3 Graviton Ray that does 1-12 damage and Control Gravity at +5. Now if one wants to do trick with Gravity Control the +5 sky is the limit. Through play and GM Fiat the powers can be modified but there are no set rules for it.

Here are a few characters.
Gonion: Brute 16PP
AC16 HD12d6 (43)
Super Strength +8 1d12, Armor +6 AC16, Endurance +2d6.
I am strong and bad-ass and people better not piss me off!

Gravitas: Controller 19PP
AC14/19 MAC10 HP10d6 (32)
Elemental Power Gravity: +3 Graviton Ray 1-12, Control Gravity +5, Fly 100MPH +5AC in Flight, Accuracy +2, Acrobatics +4 AC.
Feel my powers you weak ones! I control Gravity itself. Fear Me!

Silver Fist: Cybernetic Ninja 19PP
AC17 MAC10 HD10d6 (37)
Martial Arts: +4 1d8, +4 to block/parry, Acrobatics +4AC, Cybernetic +3 AC, +3 Super Strength 1d6, Super Senses +2 Cybernetic Martial Attack +7 1d10 (One dice up due to Cybernetic Strength)
The ancient art of stealth made me a dangerous man. The futuristic technology of cybernetics made me perfect!

Overcast: Teleporter 12PP
AC12/22 MAC10 HD10d6 (45) Move10mph/1000ft 1sec.
Teleport 1000ft., Agility +2. Punch +0 1d4
I can get in and out of anywhere!

I am thinking about a cool setting that is an alternate Super Earth that connects to various other realities.

For instance in the south Houston is called Astra City, New Orleans is Saint Orleans, Baton Rouge is Crimson City, and whatever. I also am going to add another fictional city called Saint City.

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