Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back to the Dungeon Zine

Guess what in my exile from all life called a turnaround for at least the next few weeks I am going to be cutting and pasting my notes from "The Little Barony: Raven's Keep" and possibly the first two levels of the black stairs as well as the one level dungeon Bloodrock Castle. Also the area map where one inch equal five miles.

I am putting it in a little foldover zine pdf inspired by the Ryth Chronicles and the Mikidemia Towns of the Outlands and The Black Tower. Been reading that between the writing sessions.

My how far we have come in gaming and how far off the path we have went.

As long as my people behave on the job it won't be too much of a task for me to write my little booklet. If people like then I may write more.

Ryth Chronicles LINK

Midkemia Press

Towns of the Outlands LINK
The Black Tower


  1. Oh hell yes! We need more print zines!

    Keep us up to date--consider me on the list for a pre-order.