Saturday, February 11, 2012

Yur World Fantasy

Yur World Fantasy

A Pathfinder/3.5 OGL Experiment

1.Take your current modern city’s population and divide it by 10. This is your fantasy city’s current population. Change the name to a more fantasy feel. For instance I changed Lake Charles, LA to Lake Charlemagne (which I am currently fiddling with due to other projects writers block and ADD), Baton Rouge, LA to Red Staff (or Staff Rouge I can't remember), New Orleans LA to Saint Orleans. Towards the west I changed the name of Beaumont, TX to Bearmount and Houston TX to Hugestone. ANYWAY get the picture? Change your hometown into a fantasy setting! Divide the population by 10 or it will be way too hard to manage all those NPCs!

2. Use the standard method for character creation. Standard races and classes unless allowed by the GM. Get some players. Be honest. We may have to go to a point buy of Attributes but for now it will be standard rolls.

3. Now start creating maps based off of real world geography. Use most of your main streets and waterways. If living in dangerous areas the cities need to be walled. Many of the bridges can be replaces by ferry crossings although huge bridges and landmarks should be converted into gigantic ruins. Add in the demi-human races and their areas. For instance in forested areas and parks add elves and gnomes. Any rocky areas add Dwarves and such. Don’t forget to add areas where the foul humanoids live. The world has to be still untamed.

4. We will use the Pathfinder or any other OGL 3.5 rulebooks at first and go from there.

5. Every Player and GM MUST contribute to the setting by writing up at least a shop or building in the setting. Yes the players help write the game making it more theirs. Remember to not go too far.

6. Other Rules. Time units and Calendar. There are 365 days in a year. Unless the players want to write up a special calendar then we will use the standard earth calendar, as in days of the week and names of the month. There will be 365 time units that a character must spend as he plays. One day equals 1 time unit. A week is 7 time units. The starting day of the first official game will be Jan. the 1st. Year unknown until we come up with a story.

Is Yur World a good name?

New Skills, Feats, Classes, and Rule Variants in general will be judged very harshly. If your idea is rejected go rewrite it and then resubmit it. We are not trying to write rules we are trying to create a setting with the rules as the framework.
Any artwork, poetry, and adventures will be used if possible with full credit given to it’s creator.

This has to be the campy old school type of gaming mixed with the new rules.

Now make sure and have a graveyard with all your old deceased characters in it. If some of your old characters are still alive remake them and play them or reuse them as NPCs. Make the children of your characters from long ago! Rehash old villains and adventures into your setting and have that as part of Yur World's setting.

I know that Ronvug the wizard from back in 81 is now a lich and he is now planning on taking over the lands!


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  2. Dude, that idea rocks and sounds like a lot of fun!

  3. So your hometown is about to be a fantasy setting.

  4. lol...I probably have enough projects on my plate BUT I may be able to squeeze this is. My home town is pretty small as it is so I don't know.