Saturday, March 3, 2012

Back to the Dungeon Zine Part II

Things progress well.
Editing will be horrendous, things will be "mostly" done with many holes for you to fill in, as well as grammar but that's what I like about a zine! The first two levels of "The Black Stairs" is really looking good. I am going to put the monsters back that my various players killed out in order to make the dungeon refreshed.

I hope to add a bunch of little worthless articles that just add flavor and background such as a postings post. Things like "Adventurers needed for Flying Potion Experiment: People with any loved ones need not apply".

I hope to release Temple of the Monkey God as a zine soon as well.

Things at work went haywire on day shift so I had less "ass time" to finish up my zine as planned. It does seem that the universe is against me gaming!