Sunday, February 12, 2012


Looking at Fate and Fudge how could these systems be distilled into a system using a positive and negative D6 roll? I don't feel like looking for or buying special Fudge Dice so Nah!

Legendary +6
Grand Master +5
Master +4
Extremely Good +3
Very Good +2
Good +1
Average 0
Bad -1
Very Bad -2
Extremely Bad -3
Terrible -4

Like from Icons One Dice Light and one dice Dark. Subtract the dark dice from the light for a result of -5 to +5.
One starts out with 6 points to spend. An average set up is one VG and four G. One cannot start out with more than +3 EG.

Odruun Northwind Ranger of the seven hills.
VG swordsman, G Archer, G Tracking, G Wilderness, G Stamina

Weak and unimportant characters get less points.

You get 6 destiny points. Only players get these.

For example Markus the VG Swordsman and G dodge is attacking a thug with G Club and VG Dodge.
He rolls a 5 light and 3 dark for a total of +2 making the result Master +4.
The thug with a result of 3 light and 5 dark for a total of -2 result Average Dodge which is four less than the Swordsman's Legendary result giving him a -4 to all actions.
If Markus was a PC he could spend Destiny Points to make the result higher.
If his Stamina was higher his result could have been lesser. For example a G Stamina (+1) would make the result -3. If he had on Medium Armor (+2) with the G Stamina (+2 plus +1 = +3 total) you would only have a -1.

Offense add Strength and Weapon Damage.

Defense add Stamina and Armor.

Four Attributes are needed so far.

Strength, Might, Muscle
Stamina, Fortitude, Health
Dodge, Reflexes, Speed, Agility
Willpower, Mental Strength, etc.
Everything else make up skills for your setting.

Skills is good.

Magic: One would have a Sorcery Skill in order to cast.

Druneing: The range of the magic
Keening: The damage of the magic
Someing: The complexity and duration of the magic.

From -4 to +6

Magic will be found in Tomes of specific use. Such as!

Book of the Night and Stealth
Shadow Form: Remain unseen for one hour. Someing at complexity of +3
Drain Life: A touch spell so no Druneing but a Keening of +2 and a Soming of +1 for a total of +3 difficulty.
Travel through Shadows: Druning of a range of +2 and Someing for a compleity of +2 for a total of +4 Difficulty. Don't mess up!

More on this idea later as my Gamer ADD strikes me!


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