Friday, January 13, 2012

WORTHLESS! Steam and Dungeons and Dragons: Daggerdale

I did not notice that the really cheap ass game Daggerdale was a Steam Powered Product. What is Steam? Only the crappiest of all security online delivery systems of PC Games in the history of gaming. FUCK STEAM! I once had a working copy of Half-Life2 and went to install it on a new computer and forgot which email I used for the account. Banned forever. No support or help of any kind. I tried to get help with hundred of emails but to no avail. SO I go and buy Daggerdale and don't notice the Steam bullshit logo on the game. I decide to give Steam a try again. Poor stupid me. Even with high speed internet it takes almost 3 days to download something. What the fuck did I buy the disk for? My ass hurting after all that downloading of something I finally get to play Daggerdale. Not too bad. I really don't like Steam coming on hogging resources if I don't need it so I take it off my start menu. Maybe that was my sin. SO I play the game a total of 35 minutes. Tonight I try and start it up and it crashes. It's downloaded a total of 2779 MB so the mother fucker should have all the resources to run but no! It crashes. It crashes again and again. WOW I am so impressed. Yet another STEAMy piece of shit. Do yourself a favor. Don't buy Dungeons and Dragons Daggerdale. Don't EVER use a Steampowered product. STEAM sucks. STEAM does not care or answer their customers concerns. When I called the Valve studios and explained that no one from STEAM will help me they hung up on me. Dicks! Instead of throwing the STEAMpowerd product away like I should have I gave them another chance and they once again failed.


  1. I tried out Steam once for Shadow of Chernobyl. Worked fine for me. Then again, you never know whether customer service is good or not until you have a problem with the product.

    I would suggest going out there online and seeing if you need to patch the game. And make sure it's completely downloaded - I wouldn't expect a program to work at all if it wasn't complete.

    That said, I hate that Steam has control over the game after you download it. But that's the tradeoff they offer for having the ability to re-download your game if it gets corrupted or whatever. I don't think it's a good deal but people value things differently.

    Also, I know we're all upset when we FINALLY get through to customer support, but if you're snippy at all with them they probably won't do a damn thing for you. Again, quality of customer service.

    Also also, the game might be so old that it won't work properly on your machine, or else its bugs were never dealt with. This would be pretty irresponsible for them to sell though.

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience :/

  2. wow what an asshole you are ! Steam is juste the one thing pefect about PC gaming ist not perfect but it is shure better then anyting you have done for PC gameins i juste locve Stam Hollyday special so , it come form my heart when i say ... You are suck an ignorent Asshole ! ans shure i canot stress enought the fact that you are truly a stupid persone Cheers !

  3. Sorry, but I have the same problems with Steam. @Maxime Degrace: I think its not okay to call someone an asshole because he is angry (like I'am at the moment). Its just his experience. Its the experience I have make and sure other people too. So don't write as stupid as a child would do!

    (Sorry because of my english. I'm from german)

  4. Yes, Steam does indeed suck and is nothing more than a money gouger. Second, Maxime, how "ignorant" of a "person" do you have to be to misspell about every other word in your post even though you seem to feel you're somehow justified calling someone else stupid because he was ripped off multiple times by an unconcerned, fly by night gaming business, mountebank?