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Monday, January 16, 2012

What Level are You?

What Level are You? In the world of gamers what level are you in gamer street cred? If you played OD&D then you are at least 20th level. If you played AD&D or Holmes you are at least 18 level. If you played the Basic Expert you are at least 16th level. If you played AD&D 2nd Edition you are at least 12th level. If you played D&D 3E you are at least 10th level. If you played D&D 3.5 you are at least 8th level. If you played D&D 4E you are at least 6th level. If you played Pathfinder you are at least 4th level. If you played D&D Essentials you are at least 2th level. If you have never played then you are now level 1 and need to start leveling up!!!


  1. What level for Holmes Basic? Otherwise 18th level here.

  2. 20

    And I think Holmes qualifies for 18, right?

  3. 20+, the very first time I played it was with the Lbbs plus Greyhawk. It was during an age when men were men and sheep were afraid.

  4. Looks like I am 18. I've heard arguments that Holmes is part of the OD&D family and I've also heard arguments that it is part of the AD&D family so whatever Holmes qualifies as...lol.

  5. 18th level, but I spent more time at 16th. Must have encountered a specter somewhere along the way.

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  6. I'd be 18th too, though like Lord Gwydion I spent a lot of time at 16th.

  7. 20+... Still have my original dice (strangely rounded now) and my original white box edition with the three little brown booklets. It also includes a pricelist/catalog from TSR from the mid/late 70s.

    Played original Gamma World, and Boot Hill as well as Empire of the Petal Throne. Jonesin' for a good old school dungeon crawl now!

  8. 18th level. Started with the Holmes set with the cardboard chits instead of dice.