Sunday, January 29, 2012

Diorama Fantasy Idea

I have had this Diorama Fantasy Event Idea for many years. Imagine a huge floorspace with twenty or more 8' x 4' plywood tables all spaced all around the room where two people could easily pass. In some cases like villages and cities one could have seating around the tables. Now imagine each table had a huge Diorama made for miniatures on it making a huge map. Each table fully detailed with trees and buildings, built in mood lighting and sound effects. Now imagine a huge game with multiple Game Masters and Multiple Parties of Adventurers running all over this map. Kind of like a huge indoor Miniature Event? A giant living game? The system would have to be easy to run.
Not just one small scene but the entire village, the lands surrounding it, and in rooms off to the side huge multilevel dungeons.
Heck even a few villages.
Possibly not even human settlements.
Now many of the dungeons would have to use modular pieces to be used over and over again.
Huge Old School Dungeons
Full of Mystery and magic.
Think about mood lighting and such. Maybe even spotlights in dark dungeon areas to get the feel of being in a dungeon. Imagine day and night scenes. Flashes of lighting and thunderstorm sounds. Smoke and Fog? Imagine the rumbling of the room and red lights as a volcano went off!
What adventures could you have in something like this? How fun would it be to Game Master an event of the kind? How fun would it be to run an event of the kind?
Imagine if something like this really got big and there even started to have castle sieges. The system would have to support huge battles!
SO is it possible to create such a huge event/ playing area? If the space was not permanent then all of it would have to be mobile but imagine if somehow a huge floorspace was secured and something like this could be played all the time. Indoor miniature diorama parks? Places to play, hang out, eat and drink, and be merry? For a nominal fee? Wouldn't that be cool? Somebody go make one!


  1. I had a much less ambitious idea about setting up a series of tables with a town, a wilderness, and a dungeon for a short campaign.
    The original inspiration (for me) probably being the two MPC AD&D model sets, which had a tiny castle under siege that connected to a dungeon behind/under it. My brother & I got those for Xmas the year they were released (and then pulled as being in violation of copyright, I think -- they were mostly crude copies of Grenadier minis! Grenadier gave up the AD&D license the same year.)

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous! What a fantastic set up! Where can I get them? lol - amazing photos, great blog - keep it up :o)

  3. I would love to see a YouTube video on how this is made