Saturday, January 28, 2012

Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game PLAYTEST VERSION 0.9 Released Today!

PLAYTEST VERSION 0.9 Released Today! January 28 2012. Willing and able to be dissected by the OSR and other populace Eldrad and D&D Charlie present: Playtest Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game Version 0.9!!! Cut and past link below because the Link button is being stupid and not posting a damn thing.


  1. Just out of curiosity, can non-members access the files section of the yahoo group? I know some people will not join a group just to get a file. You might want to host it on google docs.

    Dissection by the OSR should be interesting...

  2. lol...that might be a stretch! Hey, you can even put a handy, dandy link to it on your blog. Hmmm....

  3. Stupid link button only puts NOTHING on post. Tried it and gave up after five times.

  4. Did you modify the share options and set them to share with everyone on the web or share with only those having the link?

  5. Ok, here's the skinny...

    1 - Go to your Google Docs home.
    2 - Make sure the document is shared.
    3 - Click on the document and open it up.
    4 - Go to your blog and go to where you want the link.
    5 - Copy & paste the details from the address bar above into the web address field of the link box.
    6 - test the link.
    7 - if it works, publish the post with the link.

  6. It appears that Goggle Docs SUCKS and has jumbled my document.

  7. Did you click the option to import to Google Docs format OR did you preserve the original format?

  8. I put it in originally as a PDF and it posted and reposed sections of the document but not the whole thing. That is okay I transferred it to a odt rich text and it translated just fine. I put it out on the Workshop at Dragonsfoot.