Monday, February 14, 2011

Thief: The Dark Project

Thief...One of the greatest PC games ever made.

A medieval world of machines, cults, and many stories of the City.

Always trouble for Garrett our hero for lack of a better word.

Always a pawn in their games...

The graphics are mediocre in our modern standards and most modern machines won't run it without alot of tweaking or just play it on an old PC.

The sound is what really sets this PC game apart. You can most likely find it for a few bucks. ThiefII The Metal Age is the second in the series. It is just as good as the first game.

Thief: Deadly Shadows is barely the thief experience. Although better graphics it failed to give the same experience.

There is a place to get a FREE Thief type experience so long as you own a copy of Doom3. A group of saints created "The Dark Mod" for Doom3. It is a free engine for those who wish to create Thief type missions. They have succeeded in capturing the feel of Thief and it is free. There are many FREE fan missions and most are fantastic.


  1. Yeah, checking out the fan missions is an excellent idea - there are over 900 of them now (for the three Thief games and The Dark Mod combined), and while not every one of them is gold, some of them are really, really good. I have so far created five (one for Thief 1, three for Thief 2, and one for TDM), with more to come in time. :)

  2. I loved those first 2 games. I never played the third one. I think I was done with PC gaming by then.

  3. I absolutely LOVED thief, it was the most atmospheric FPS game's I've ever played, and pretty much the only one too this day where climbing didn't feel forced

  4. It's the single most immersive pc game ever made.

  5. The graphics in thief 3 sucked I hate what they did with the cut-scenes.