Friday, February 11, 2011

More of my RPG

First of all this in not a simulacrum. First of all level limits suck. Race as class only makes sense with major story limitations. It's a rules lite D20 in the spirit of old school gaming but with some of the options of the OGL. With the OGL monsters that have full character stats suck. Too many hit points suck.

Made to play with large or small groups. Made to be simple and FAST to make characters. Made easy to run. I have built and tore down this system hundreds of times throughout the years. First inspired by the clunk of 3E and the nostalgia of yesteryear's gaming.

Here is how stats are generated. No surprise here.

Roll 4d6 don't count the lowest dice this generates a number from 3-18 6 times in order for the following attributes. Switch any two abilities if you like or leave the dice to fate. This prevents from having min maxed characters.

Strength (STR)– How strong you are. Your bonus to hit and damage in melee combat.
Dexterity (DEX)- How agile you are. How quick you can dodge or run. How well you can aim.
Constitution (CON)- How tough and resilient you are. Your bonus to hit points and ability to save from poisons and magic.
Intelligence (INT)- How smart you are as well as your knowledge. Your bonus to languages and arcane spells.
Wisdom (WIS)- How wise and perceptive you are. Your ability to resist mind magics.
Charisma (CHA)- How powerful your personality is and possibly how attractive you are depending on description.

Here is how you do things in my game.

The simple way is to roll a D20 and add the Attribute bonus (or subtract) plus your Primary or Secondary bonus plus ½ your level. Every 4 levels you get to improve one attribute by 1. The higher the roll the better the result. Some tasks have a difficulty number. The game master may require the Player to write a good character history to determine background skills.

Easy 5
Average 10
Moderate 15
Hard 20
Impossible 25+

More later...

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