Sunday, March 6, 2011

What has been going on.

Well I converted my old school setting to Patfinder. Cool system but still too much crunch. Going to get someone else to run really soon or try and convert them to LL. My god it would run so much FASTER! My creativity is being held back by the CLUNK.

Here BELOW is the session from three weeks ago and I will post this weekend's session. I really am enjoying seeing the players experience a HUGE megadungeon. With the vast amounts of advice from all over the OSR I have truly created a fantastic scary mysterious dungeon.

It's funny how many of the players said how a dungeon adventure would be boring and now they love it. It was like beating them over the head and they resisted kicking and screaming but now they are beginning to see. I love that glazed look of wow I am enjoying it.

From what they can tell some years ago a large group of people began a life under the ground. They tried to carve out a wonderful society and then something went wrong. Maybe they dug too deep and found....

My dungeon has multiple areas with different ecosystems, societies, and just plane inhospitable places. In some cases like all areas left to decay, nature has began to retake the place as there are collapsed areas. Some are huge gaping holes that open to even deeper levels of the dungeon and even to the mythic underworld. Some are holes caused by water flowing. It's funny how the place has water flowing into it and it never fills up. Where does the water go?

From Tony's Post
Tony - Dwarf Cleric
Ryan - Human Fighter
Machelle - Drow Rogue
Carson - Dwarf Fighter
Tabby - Half-Elf Sorceress

Tony, Ryan: 200 + 450 + 400 + 520 = 1570 XP Each
Machelle: 200 + 450 + 400 = 1050 XP
Carson, Tabby: 400 + 520 = 920 XP Each

3 Malachite Gems (100 GP ea)
408 GP
102 SP
517 CP
Belt of Dexterity +2 --> Machelle
Gold Statue of Gnoll (300 GP)
211 GP
Lump of Gold (300 GP)
Lump of Gold (200 GP)
100 GP Reward

Total loot comes to 325.72 GP Each (except Machelle, who gets 205.72 GP.
We met up with a Necromancer who wanted to team up with us on an adventure. So we agreed and entered a sanctioned dungeon. We flubbed our entry of the dungeon and ended up on the 2nd level. Even still, we kicked butt, but decided not to press our luck. So we went back to town to heal up. We went back to the dungeon and ran into two more members of our group, who joined up with us.
We defeated some bugbears and gnolls and went back to town. The industrious Rogue decided to steal some potions from an alchemist shop. She got caught, killed one of the workers, and was captured by the city guard. The rest of us feigned ignorance and went back to the dungeon. We had a rough go against some goblins, but we defeated them and freed some slaves at the same time.
The only thing that is unsettled is a gem that some intelligent party-skeletons promised us in exchange for getting rid of their bugbear problem. A Dwarf never forgets...
... except that everything mentioned here may not have happened exactly in the order described, but it all happened at some point. :-)

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