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Here is some of the monster section.

Monster have AC, HD, Movement. The descriptions are deliberately left vague and simple in order for you to customize your game world.
AC is the Armor Class. Here below is the table to explain.
None Skin 10
Padded or tough skin 11
Leather Fur or very tough skin 12
Studded Leather Scales Fur with very tough skin 13
Chain Chitin Bone Plates Wood 14
Scale Stone 15
Plate Metal 16
Shield adds +1
Small Adds +1
Quick or Tricky Adds +1
Very Quick or Tricky adds +2
Extremely Quick or Tricky +3
Magical +1 and up
Large Subtracts -1
Huge Subtract -2
Armor Class m=Magic is the only way this creature can be harmed. Normal weapons simply bounce off or the wound instantly heals and e=elemental means that the attack must be from some elemental source such as earth, air, fire, or water as described in monster description and s=silver means silver weapons must be used to hit this creature.
A Plus + mean Armor can give greater AC

Hit Dice are how many d6 that you roll for the monster's hit points. All monster save at +1 for every 2 hit dice for attacking and any skill check unless there is another modifier listed. Saves against monster's spells or poisons is at 10 + ½ Hit Dice Some monsters may have an additional save against certain types of attacks.

Movement is how many feet the monster moves per round in combat or in a turn on a map.

Making Monsters! I fully expect with these simple rules that you make your own monsters Use the information provided to help you out. Send them to me and I will put them in a future book.

A selection of monsters.

Dragon, Fire AC19 HD10 Move40/60f Bite 1d12, 2 claws 1d12, Tail 1d10, or Breath Weapon Fire 10d6
A red scaled dragon that prefers the volcanic areas but may be found anywhere.
Dryad AC16 HD2 Move30/50t Charm 11, Slam 1d12
A fey nature spirit that lives in the woods that enjoys charming young and hansom men to live with her in the fey real for ten years or more without aging.
Dwarf AC10+ HD1 Move20 By Weapon
The 4' tall stocky race of miners. The men have beards and the females don't. Very quick to anger and very serious. They all enjoy drinking and fighting goblins.

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