Friday, January 1, 2010

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 3rd Edition


Well I was one of the dum...I mean people who bought the $100 WHFR3rd.

Have not played it yet.

SO far it appears that I bought $30 worth of game for $100. When I actually get around to testing it out it actually might be worth the price. It might just be the best damn thing ever. I am going to keep telling myself that.

I think that a $100 price is going to kill this edition of the game and for the most part it will rot on the shelves. Once I get over what I think I will try it out.


  1. I think you might surprise yourself about this game.

    When I first bought the box, I read through the rulebook and while I was excited for the game when i first purchased it... it seemed a little bit.. meh.

    Then I actually played it. The game is definitely much better than the rulebooks let on. Surprisingly so.

    The dice mechanics made it interesting. I ran a demo tonight with some players in my one of my regular groups and from the 5 people that participated, I think 3 are going to purchase it. Now, to me - that is a good sign of a game, when it makes people WANT to purchase it after having played it.

    Several of these people (Pete for example) was apprehensive when they saw the components, as it doesn't look how it plays.

    So really, just give it a go - if you don't like it, well then fair enough.... but you may end up loving it.

  2. It doesn't cost that much. To play 4th ed D&D you need 3 books, together they cost more than $100 and they don't come with lots of pieces, playaides, etc, those cost extra.