Thursday, January 21, 2010

WOW! I just talked to Ernie Gygax!

I was on facebook and he was online. He was just a cool guy. I thought that any Gygax would be a multi-millionaire and not have to work. Come to find out he is not super rich. Huh? Who would have figured?

He invited me to Gary Con.

As of this time there will be no action taken on C&C Castle Zaygig. Gary's assistant that worked on CZ will be at Gary Con so beg him to finish CZ!

I invited him to join the OSR movement.


  1. To have a Gygax at the vanguard of the OSR would be neat!

  2. I met him in '93, he was a snot. Being a pre-teen at the time, of course he'd be a snot. :)