Friday, January 29, 2010

What system to use for my OSR expeirence?

Well I have thought in the past that I could just write up the perfect RPG. I can't. Real Life issues take up too much time. I do have time to write a bit here and there BUT what system will do what I need it to do?

I was driving back home on a surprise weekend off and it hit me. Castles and Crusades. It's got all the goodies of the old school mixed with the new school BUT most of all it's easy to run and play. It's easy to write for as well.

Well it will take very little time to "convert" my adventures to C&C.

My group still has the 4th edition blinders on but this weekend there will be another victim running 4th edition and I will be the player! Aha! I shall reek havoc on his poor brain!

I also shall let him borrow my old C&C rulebooks as well. Then he shall see!


  1. I thought C&C was my perfect system but I've since been dissuaded. I still sorta like SIEGE. Beware how tough/deadly SIEGE checks/saves are.

  2. AND the monster book is really short on monsters!