Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Perfect Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game

Looooooong ago I started on the CFRPG or the Classic Fantasy Role Playing Game.

Went very simple, then got complicated, then got rewritten then overcomplicated with over 100 skills, then redone, then I have given up due to loosing my regular job and having to go out of town and work stupid ungodly hours.

I think I need to define "what I want" in MY Old School RPG.

What I want is the feel and the simplicity WITH all the good things of old school RPGs MIXED with the innovations of the New School.

Good New School stuff that works.
Ascending AC that tells you what you roll.
The D20 initiative system.
At Will Spells and Powers as well as Per Encounter and Per Day. These are GREAT innovations.
More as I think of them but I am working another 7 day a week job.

The last play test was "not so good" but there were lots of learning experiences in the session.

BUT Must go and bathe and think about the future...

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