Monday, May 29, 2017

My MMORPG Idea Part 2

Let's face it, MOST MMORPGs SUCK!

I have a better idea that has not been done before as a MMORPG but I don't know how to use most of these readily available already built engines. 

Get rid of the complication. One could sit down and figure out the controls and that's all they need to know. 

No Mercy!

Make it dark and scary!

A world with extreme seasons.

A huge medieval fantasy world.

Total sandbox where there are no power limitations. 

The only thing that should increase is HP and Gold to buy better weapons and armor.

There would be no Damage Creep from weapons unless magical.

ONLY HP and AC increase.

AC stops damage.

Sheild adds 1
Light 1
Medium 2
Heavy 3

Magic Armor can be greater so there is a chance that someone won't be able to damage a more powerful encounter. Those with no armor can run faster. 

SLOW natural healing.

Weapons do a base damage.

Punch 1
Dagger/Stick 2
Small 3
Medium 4
Large 2H 5
Better quality weapons and magic weapons do more damage. 

Ranged weapons have limited range and one must slow down or stop to fire so if one can run away from a more powerful enemy.

XP only increases if you rest.

If you rest in an unsafe area then you might not get to rest.

You gain a class AFTER you start out as a zero level peasant with 4HP and a Dagger/Stick until you get training. The game would be pure PVP so run away from armored jerks.

Here is my BAD rendition of what the screen would look like IF I found someone to do this.

There would be 4 attributes that range from 1 to 4 with a 6 maximum. 
You get to split ten points between them.  


IF your score is 4 or more then you can do double damage on a 1. 

At 10th level you get to add 1 point to an attribute. 

Make there be four classes.

Fighter - Has really Large HP and AC. Can use all weapons. HP 10/lvl

Rogue - Has Medium HP and Light AC. Can use most weapons.  Can hide and sneak (Like Thief). Pick locks and traps. Pickpocket the unwary.  HP 6/lvl

Priest - Has Medium HP and Heavy AC. Can use weapons chosen by gods, Does extra damage against the undead and evil beings.  Can banish evil beings such as undead. Has healing spells plus a very few others. HP 8/lvl

Wizard - Has Light HP and no AC. Can use a few weapons. Has a small list of spells that help party and do damage. More powerful spells are dependent on levels. HP 4/lvl 

Permanent Death unless you have a Priest of enough high level to raise you IF you have the gold.

Races would give small benefits.
maybe some others.

Get rid of the complication.

Magic would be a circular menu and spells cast from it.

Total character customization in the looks department. Armor and weapons would have at least five different looks.

The game would be level based. IF you survive to 2nd level then your hit points go up. 

Have gritty towns and easy to kill towns people.

NO STUPID FLOATING NAMES over the Characters. You won't know IF the encounter/enemy is an NPC or PC.

Combat very much like Dark Souls, GTA, Red Dead Redemption, or Mad Max

Only the mouse keys and the mouse moving around to do combat.

Left lick and mouse movement attack. Various cool combat maneuvers instead of just a simple swing. 

Right Click Shield.

Double tapping movement keys dodge!

Wizards/Priest need to stay back and cast their small list of spells on a rotary menu by the middle key.

Get rid of the complication.

Have huge open worlds with classic RPG monsters.

Huge open worlds with terrible weather and natural disasters! 

An open World with high mountain forest and deep chasms. A world that has ruins everywhere.  

Huge worlds with walled towns and cities! The game is PVP but the guards will keep you safe. 

Every building can be entered.

All items can be pilfered.

Interesting NPCs that have daily lives. They talk and converse. 

Powerful NPCs, so don't piss them off.

All actions will effect the game world.

Huge mega dungeons!

Staying outside of town/city is deadly unless you find a safe place!

Guards in town will protect people attacked. IF a PC is too powerful for the guards they will get help. 

Have a light source.

Have food and water.

Have blankets for warmth in the high mountains.

Sandbox worlds where if you run into something too powerful and you don't run away you die.

No formal guild or party system, just if you meet up on screen then you go adventuring with each other.

A player would have to get his character to a safe place between games.

A few starting safe areas but once you are in the wilderness then permanent death of character unless raised by a priest. There would be ways to resurrect any character.

Have a graveyard.

There would be high level NPC priest that could raise a dead character at a cots. IF the player is poor then they are pout on a geas. .

The map is only so large but have simple minecraft type editing where the world could be built upon.

New map additions are first come first serve BUT can be deleted or moved by admins if not acceptable. 

IF you are a game designer then I have the ideas! Get with me! We could make the best MMORPG game ever!

I know this is a crazy idea but I could just find someone to make this. 

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