Monday, June 5, 2017



The stinking dirty giant rotting cities built upon many layers of ancient ruins. The pitiful and weak people hiding in dread behind great stone walls from the chaos outside. All surrounded by the dark and unforgiving wilderness of a dying world.

Far and wide the stony mysterious remnants of some lost foreboding and ancient powerful civilization peak forth from the ruins scattered across the realms waiting centuries to be explored! Ancient and forbidden monster and forgotten nameless demon filled dungeons deep and full of marvelous plunder. The omens have been read and the signs in the stars tell of this age of adventure!

The desperate, brave, pious, and insane adventurers in search of magic and treasure so that one can gain fame, comfort, drink, and pleasure! The fools that delve deep and fear not stirring up of the ancient powers that hide away in the darkness, least they die invisible and forgotten after time! No not these brave and foolhardy ones! Their names shall be remembered and etched in the tales and legends of many generations!

So one may take the sword, dagger, staff, and mace and go forward! Forget not your trusty backpack and equipment for adventure! It is time for one to begin their adventure and not die forgotten by time!

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