Thursday, September 12, 2013

Some old PCs from the 80's

Here are a few of my old Basic D&D characters from very long ago. 

This is my very first character from back around 1981. Yes I did the dork thing and named the character after myself.


Here is one of my other characters. Tarn the bowman. Let me say the DM did not play around and if the dice killed you, you died right there with no mercy.

Ah poor grey wolf. Tried to drag away a dying fellow player and take his stuff and was killed by metagamers who could not possibly have know what I was going to do but cheated like a bitch

Hopefully I can get my old DM to post some more stuff. He is kinda off the gamer track in these days. I am sure if there were enough interested comments he would send me  some more stuff.


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  2. "Killed by one of his own retainers" - what is the rest of the story on this one?!