Sunday, September 1, 2013

Back to the Ryth!

Ah the Ryth Chronicles!

What an amazing glimpse back to the dawn of role playing games.  I started reading it hard last week as my job affords me time to do so when things are going well.

Rather primitive gaming was displayed at first, but as they progressed it seemed to turn into something more special.  The characters began to become well characters. Not just dungeon dwelling hack and slash mindless chimps but somebody in that world.

The game mastering became more advanced as well. The stories and dungeon became more crafted and they became more detailed.

Multiple DMs and around 40 players.

This document really proves one old school belief wrong. Magic Users can become powerful and modern day Magic User players are crybabies.  Like my sixth level Magic User who died at his own hand with a fireball like another did in Ryth, I worked for my levels and it was HARD.

What I am surprised about is the LACK of response towards The Ryth Chronicles. A few very WISE people realized what this document was and is but the rest, crickets.

Can a campaign and a zine be made like this in Southwest Louisiana? Once I am through with this huge turnaround I am going to find out.

I am going to use LL/AEC for the rules and my Back to the Dungeon Zine for the setting. Hopefully a few people decide to join in and become Game Masters.


  1. This is really tempting me to pick up LL/AEC and use your Back to the Dungeon zine to run a concurrent campaign in my area - NE Oklahoma - and do up a Rythlike format of my experience.

  2. Please do. I can send you more detailed maps as well.