Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What a strange place I am in my RPG life.

SO I am in this strange place in my RPG life. For years I have started and not completed so many RPG projects for no reason other than to just write them. I would say most games get about 60% or so before I burn out.

I go back to them here and there but always am reminded by self doubt or wrong direction why I burnt out AND GET REBURNT OUT.

Strange though that I am about 99% finished on many of my games and have even completed a few in the last few years. If you get a chance take a look at Horror World my Zombie Apocalypse game. I am 99% finished with Back to the Dungeon. I also am 99% finished with STARCLADS Sci Fi RPG. Done with NOVEL Hero's Mag a nearly freeform Supers RPG.

Back to the Dungeon RPG will get worked on for another few years but it is getting really close to a 1.0

All of these playtest versions are free and one day I may sell them but there really is very little to NO money to be made in the RPG business at least in this current business model. I have really innovative business models that I won't share here but I have elsewhere.

I am in such a gaming void as my gaming group broke up once again but that is OLD news.

Alas yet another boring and short post but I hope thought provoking.

Vote for NEITHER!


  1. I've had a go at various RPG projects, none of which have been commercially successful. During 2nd Edition I had a go at creating a campaign based in the World of Greyhawk, and then when 3rd Edition came out I wanted to jump onto the OGL/D20 bandwagon.
    My most successful venture from a personal point of view has been my blog. It has not earned any cash, but a) it has been seen by other people, some of whom follow it or leave nice comments, b) I've stuck with it for over a year, c) I never expected it to be commercial, just amateur. As for previous projects, there are certain questions to ask myself - 1) Did I learn any lessons that can be applied to new projects? 2) Is there any useful material that can be copied and pasted into new projects? 3) Did I have a good time working on them?
    I think where I differ from some folks is that I hardly ever expect to make money. As such, I approach major projects as fun things for myself that, if they want, other people can enjoy as well.

  2. Well it sounds like you keep plugging away even if it takes longer than expected. I do a lot of it. And, there isn't much money to be made, but a little. The little I collect goes into paying for some art and buying more gaming stuff. It prevents my wife from karate chopping my keyboard in half when I go to RPGNow, Lulu or the various kickstarters.