Friday, November 2, 2012

Kinda GLAD LucasArts sold to Disney! Because when it comes to many of their PC games Lucas Arts SUCKS!

Well after trying to play KOTOR II on my computer and it not working despite patching etc. and remembering how Empire at War would not work and how you had to do a computer monkey (set affinity!)dance to get Star Wars Battlefield II to work but it never worked online AND the complete f you that Lucas Arts would do to their customers who bought a game and just wanted it to work and were treated largely IGNORED!

Not to mention some of the complete TURDS like Battle for Naboo and to a certain extent Pod Racing but the demo was good.

It's really good that Lucas Arts has been sold. JUST maybe Disney will give a damn about their gamers. Now they make great games it's just if they don't become a mega hit or have problems they drop the game and the customers.

I hope that whomever was in charge of PC games customer service gets fired. I would love to know why they treated their customers so badly. In a business full of fans that have made you what you are you should never treat people that way.


  1. More likely, they will close the company and simply license out the IP.

    Disney has tried several times over the years to get into software, but they never do it seriously. Don't think this will change anything.

  2. XWing, Tie Fighter, XvT, XWing Alliance, Monkey Island, Maniac Mansion, Fate of Atlantis, Day of Tentacle, Full Throttle, Battlehawks, Secret Weapons of Luftwaffe, Dark Forces, Dark Forces II... I would venture to say that most of their games rocked.

    I didn't deal with LA after the 2000s, so I can't speak to their customer service but back in the day with XWing, they were an extremely cool company to deal with. I'm sad that the LA division will go, because the old school games that I hoped would see light of day again *someday* will probably not.

  3. The games are fantastic the customer service on the other hand...