Saturday, November 17, 2012

BttD RPG Update 11 17 2012 New Races.

21 Races now. Will be adding some more.

Attributes: Str +1, Dex +2, Con +1, Int -2, Cha -2
Height: 5 feet, 8 inches to 6 feet, 10 inches.
Weight: 80 to 270 pounds.
Lifespan: 180 to 220 years.
Deep in the forest and remote villages there are those who have were-creatures in their blood. Most are rude and crude and live as small tribes. Unlike a true lycanthrope the Werekin can only slightly change her form. They can for a short time equal in round to their Constitution plus level do one of the following. Gain 3 + Con Bonus in Hit Points (Werebear), Gain claws/teeth that do 1d6 (Werewolf), A burst of speed that adds +10 feet (Weretiger). The Werekin only slightly changes to a bestial appearance but it does cause a morale roll to be made.
Werekin do an additional +1 damage to bloodied creatures.
Werekin can track prey by scent in rural areas.
Werekin can see in the dim light twice as far as a human.
Werekin are considered demi-were-creatures so silver does an extra 1d6 damage.

Attributes: Dex +2 Con -2, Wis-2 Cha +2
Height: 4 feet, 8 inches to 7 feet.
Weight: 70 to 190 pounds.
Lifespan: 500 years.
A changeling is a human mixed with doppleganger blood. They are normally put into homes to cause havoc and dismay after they have been put in replacement of the victimized family. A Changeling is not evil per say just malicious and tricky, at least those whom have been raised by their doppleganger parents. Changelings can alter their appearance and look like anyone from a child to and ogre. A changeling that has grow up and does not wish to participate in the terrible plots of the dopplegangers are outcast and must be on guard for not being a part of the dopplegangers but know their secrets is a death sentence.
A Changeling alter her appearance and look like anyone without flaw. Now they may not sound or act like the imitated but they look like them exactly.
A Changeling has a chance to notice other altered appearances including other changelings and dopplgangers.
A Changeling has a climbing speed of 20 feet a round.

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