Friday, March 9, 2012

Dark Horror D6 Role Palying Game Idea.

Dark Horror is a very rules light Role Playing Game. Unlike most RPGs you simply start out with a name and concept and start playing. Everyone starts out with no equipment and must collect it as the game and story progresses.

First of all come up with a concept. You are a normal person trapped in a Dark Horror world. From your concept you can come up with your hit points.

Hit Points
Nearly Superhuman 180+
Extremely Tough 160
Very Tough 140
Tough 120
Average 100
Wimpy 80
Very Wimpy 60
Extremely Wimpy 40
Nearly Cripple 20

Nearly all actions are done by rolling a six sided dice. 1-3 is success and 4-6 is a failure in most cases. If a character WOULD be better than average at a task the Game Master may give an additional +1 or +2 bonus to the chance of success at the same time there may be times where is is harder to succeed and a -1 or -2 is subtracted from the chance of success. In most cases you will succeed on a 1 unless the action is impossible.

One possibility is to give each player 4 points to built their characters. Younger characters will have less than 4 points.

Example: Tom says his character is a tough construction worker so he spends one point on hit points giving him 120 total. He also says he is a good fighter so the GM will let him hit on a 1-4 and miss on a 5-6. He also get one point on Fabrication as his story is he is a machinist. He put the last point on perception as he considers himself paranoid from all the bar fights he has been in.

Example: Kenny is a teenage computer nerd. He automatically gets Very Wimpy 60 as his hit points but the Game Master decides to give him the two points back for computers. Any actions with computers he can do on a 1-5 success and 6 a failure. The GM decides to let him have the other three points. He choose hiding as one as he is used to hiding from bullies. Chemistry as another and Comic Books as the last.

You never know what skill may save your life so no skill is too ridiculous.

Try not to make super characters as the world of Dark Horrors will take notice of someone too great and send it's evil minions to destroy.

A few Example Skills
Shooting, Fighting, Hit Points, Perception, Speed, and many others.

In most cases you roll a 1-3 Hit and a 4-6 Miss. Damage is subtracted from the total Hit Points. At ½ Hit points you get -1 to all actions and -10 to movement and at ¼ hit points you get -2 to all actions and -20 to movement. When you reach 0 Hit Points you are Dead.

If a character's concept has him hitting on a 1-4 or 1-5 he is capable of a critical hit. On a roll of a 1 the character does DOUBLE DAMAGE!

Armor: Light 10 Medium 20 Heavy 30 Stops Damage. Any left over is subtracted from Hit Points.

Cover: From 10 to 100. Stops Damage. Any left over is subtracted from Hit Points.

Healing: You heal your total Hit Points divided by 10 with a full 8 hours of rest. Bandages Heal 20 points. Medical Kits Heal 40 points.

Here below is a chart of different damages.
Punch, kick, slap 10
Small Weapon such as knives, daggers, hatchets, clubs, and short swords 20
Medium Weapon such as swords, axes, maces, and the like 30
Large Weapon such as two handed swords and axes 40
Huge Weapon such as great swords, great axes, and chainsaws 50
If someone were to add points to their character concept such as Strong +1 or Very Strong +2 It would add 10 or 20 points to damage respectively.

Guns are much deadlier
Pistol 40 and fires twice. 2-12 +3 bullets left.
Revolver 50 1-6 bullets left.
Submachine Gun 40 fires three times 3-18 +2 bullets left.
Rifle 60 1-6 +2 bullets left.
Assault Rifle 60 Fires three times 3-18 +2 bullets left.
Single Barrel Shotgun 70 and 1-6 shells left.
Double Barrel 70/ Fires two times 1-2 shells left.
In the world of Dark Horror bullets are always rare. There are many different types of guns and different rates of fire. Most guns will only shoot 1 round a turn but some may shoot up to 3 if fully automatic.

In most cases players move 30 feet a round unless they have come up with a good story of why they are faster and so athletic. No player can move faster than 50 feet a round.

Now for the setting of Dark Horror. Your character wakes up in a dark place. Some kind of building in the dark. How did I get here? Who am I? That is up to the Player. Has there been some tragedy in the Character's life? Have they been searching for a lost loved one? Has a dead loved one been seen and they followed?

What is the Setting?

1. Large Farm or Ancient Estate
2. Small Town
3. Large Town
4. Small City
5. Large City
6. Megalopolis

It's really dark outside and there appears to be a problem with the electricity. It turns on and off. There is usually a storm or bad foggy weather. It is mostly a bone chilling coolness but once in awhile it may be terribly hot. Weird sounds of moaning or screaming is in the distance but it seems to have no source. If you wander outside you hear things wandering about. Make a terror roll 1-3 stay calm or 4-6 become terrified and run back inside.

Anyone that tries to leave by the wilderness is
Returns with half hit points and has aged 1-6 years with a 6 adding 1-6 more years. For every year lost past 30 years old you permanently loose hit points from your maximum amount.
A scream is heard and they are never heard from again. Make another character. May return as a monster later.

Monsters of Dark Horror from A to Z.

HP Damage Movement

Zombie HP40 Damage20 Movement10
This is your typical walking rotted corpse. They are quite mindless and easy to kill. They are not very good at attacking and only hit on a 1-2 and miss on a 3-6.


  1. Bringing the rules-light horror - I like it!

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  3. My only criticism here is change the 'Nearly Cripple' tag on the hit point table. You really don't want to offend gamers who might actually be crippled in some way, shape or form.

    Only a thought.