Friday, April 30, 2010

You think you can take these Dungeons?

This is a little experiment to see how much I can post on a blog.

I am the guide for the adventurers. They are young and stupid full of piss and vinegar and gold.

Stupid all stupid they are they actually "want" to go deep into a dungeon. I bring them to the entrance. The foolishly make noise and sounds of glee. If I did not need the money and not have these men working for me oh how I would get a young wife and start a farm BUT all my gold goes they way of drinking.

There are the two young lovers. The Thief and the Druid. She could do so much better.

The Wizard

The Fighter

Not enough to enter this dungeon. Me and my men grumble at these idiots. The entrance looks like this...

Will we survive?

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