Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Black StairsNPC party idea

Well up till 3:40 in the morning drinking fine vodka(because I ran out of bourbon) and working on my huge maps. About a hundred rooms per level. It's going to be a massive undertaking for anyone to take on this dungeon.

Once again I came up with a twist. One of the monsters I rolled up was an NPC party.

Now that can be interesting in itself as on a previous session the NPCs that were not hired went to the dungeon to explore on their own and best of all attack the weakened party to steal their stuff.

But why not give them more of a story?

When the players reenter the Black Stairs there will be a letter claiming the dungeon to the Raven's Keep Adventuring Society. The letter will also say that only sanctioned RKAS members may enter the dungeon if not legal action will be taken on the offenders. On the back will be a waiver of liabilities and a HUGE list of more that 15 NPCs in the party.

How will the players react to this? This is the dungeon that they bled in many times and now some upstart is claiming it?

This should be pretty good...


  1. Sounds good. Should be interesting. I recently been using a professional adventuring guild and they lay claims to certain areas also.

  2. Tim,
    How has that been working? I just bet the players get ticked at others taking "their" dungeon.