Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hero's Mag Setting

I have this world that I have used for years in various incarnations. Here is what I have so far from the North American Continent.

Mega-Earth present day:

North America was slit up into five distinct nations after the civil war with many smaller city states in between. These nations are roughly called the United Megalopolis North America. These nations are nothing close to being United.

United Megalopolis North America 1-7
The nation that is the remnants of the old USA. It is in the current midst of an economic crisis and is bogged down by wars in the middle east. This area is know as the East Coast or Neo England. It is primarily thought of as a Republic but it is at the begging stages of a Fascist State.

A corporatist owned industrial giant that has been rotting from the inside due to free trade. Much of Steelton's factories are closed down. This area is know as the North East or the Great Lakes Nations. The nation is owned by warring corporations.

The nation of sun and sand also know as the Southeast Coast or The Peninsula that goes out into the Gulf and Atlantic. It is ran by various families of great power.

The southern gulf coast is home to the Confederation Megalopis. The Confederation is the very successful nation that won their freedom from the former United States which is now Republica. The Confederation has many petroleum refineries and very good farmlands. The Confederation has not been without it's problems as the slave rebellion in 1962 will attest. On that year slavery was finally abolished but it nearly tore the nation apart. Justice Johnson lead the rebellion and is still alive today. It is a very loose libertarian and/or anarchist state.

This is a nation know as the high desert. It is a highly religious area and is quite self sufficient. It is ran by a theocracy and various warring sects.

Know as the Nortwest this area is a mecca of industry. It is ran by various powers of all kinds.

Know as the East Coast this area is a huge Socialist Democracy. It is ran by the state but there are many factions all at war.

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