Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quentin Tarantino Style Combat Part I.

I like vivid blood and gore Quentin Tarantino type combat. Most players love it as well. Take your game to a "whole nuther level". I will site 3 examples. Boring mechanical combat, textbook exciting combat, and then Quentin Tarantino Style over the top Grindhouse combat. Combat is a fury of blows and one combat roll is a successful combination of all your character's deadliness not just his one weapon attack. Try it in your game. Always come up with some new way for an enemy to die. Remember that a fighter will not only use his sword. He has a shield, fist, feet, and whatever else is in the room. Use the furniture and fixtures to cause death on your enemies!

Example 1: You attack with the sword. Roll. You hit you do 5 points of damage. The goblin dies.

Example 2: Your sword lands a solid blow. Blood sprays from the goblin's chest as he dies messily.

Example 3: Your shield bashes the goblin in the face and blood and goblin teeth fly across the room landing on the three other goblins who flinch in fear. You come forward with an elbow smash to the nose then a stab to the goblin's chest follows. Blood sprays as the goblin falls.

More on Part II

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