Monday, September 14, 2009

Got 99 problems but a dice ain't one.

Well I am still on a job that has been going on for the last 42 days at 13 hours a day. Stuck in El Dorado, Ar a place void of all game shops. Thought I did meet an AD&D2nd player. There are maybe 20 gamers is all of mid south Arkansas. Was sick tonight. The first time I ever missed a day on the road EVER.

My two gaming groups are falling apart as I am not there to keep it real.

EDITED out the details...

How will this effect our group? Damn I wish people would act right...

NOW for something completely different.

I watched all the players seemingly have fun with my S&W game. I typed out all the cool things that happened. Was I deceived by those nights of gaming and great story flow? BUT now I find out that nobody seemed to like it as it was not 4th edition.

I really do love the 4th edition in may ways as it has a great flow and is definitively far more simple than 3.5.

Some of the players are so very defensive of "their" 4th edition that they will play nothing else. I have even been told by one player that he has invested lots of money in 4th and that's all he is gonna play. I guess they seem to forget my entire 14' x 20' mead hall full of games.

They ain't invested nutin compared to me. I have been at it for 29 years!

Nuff said on that!

My plans are to play 4th edition when I get back. Write some 4th edition adventures. Try and run my S&W sandbox setting with my daughters and their friends and maybe some of mine.

Well ANON!


  1. I feel your pain. My group is also extremely committed to 4E and refuses to consider anything else. One went so far as to buy me 4E supplements so I'd feel bad about wanting to switch (no lie).
    If it is any consolation, I used to be a mid-north Arkansan, so there's hope you'll find people to play.

  2. I'm kinda sad that your group didn't want to continue. I enjoyed the short tales of the black stairs.