Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Backgrounds and Variations on a Theme of a Fighter Part II

Alas why do we need skill list?

I mean skills are great in some systems but in S&W is it needed?

YES and NO!

The background of a character is his or her skills.

A character raised in the wilderness or raised in the city would be different.

What I do is allow a simple 1d20 roll plus level plus attribute bonus.

The higher the better.

For "thieves" this is what I do as well.

I give them a simple 1d6+1 per level HPs as well.

"Ranger" types will be handled the same way as well.

A ruling on the spot with no game stopping delay.

I have many players ask about "Feats".

All characters have all "feats" and can try to do anything such as trips, pushes, and power attacks.

A simple attack roll with a possible + or - to the roll and to damage.

Being a Referee for S&W is fun and easy.

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