Sunday, July 12, 2009

Raven's Keep


She is a city that is build upon the ruins of another. No Dwarf woulds do such a thing but the wellspring in the center of the city that flows water as if from the elemental plane of water itself feeds all things in the area an makes them green. The ruins below will give you grief for we warned ye of the goblins and kobolds but we were called stubby little busybodies. Well we will make money off of our steel and will desert your foolish asses when it is unsafe. A city of 8000 or more people. I say more than 8000 cause there are many coming from the east escaping the war with the Zezusalonians. Most for work on farms and in the city. A small few are adventurers wanting the gold that lies in these ruined lands. I hope they stir up not the foul things that lay quiet forgetting how evil and powerful they be. Humans have a tendency to stir up ancient and foul beast who end up being a huge problems that we dwarves have to take care of. Stupid humans always wanting to fight for expansion when you can't make what you got at home perfect.

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