Sunday, July 19, 2009

No more nameless NPCs!

After the first batch of NPCs were killed in last night's S&W game I decided to make a few more and it was easy.

I rolled a D6 plus 10 for AC and a 1d8 for hit points. Blam seven NPCs! Guess what I made five of them dwarves, one human, and one elf fighter and mage. I gave them weapons and Blam I was done in about five minutes. I gave each one a name.

The party hires the following NPCs
Mark the Fighter M Chain and Shield with Sword.The human was a Mastedellian or the main imperial human race. He was a racist who did not hold his tongue and was subsequently thrown down a pit by the Dwarf only to survive for a few more rounds while ghouls attacked.

The Band of Dwarves M, Dully, Martrus, Dontar, Dunkin, and Brannoc. All had Ring and Shield with Battle Axes!The five Dwarves were from a clan far to the northeast and they bragged that their caverns had never been taken by goblins much to the annoyance of the PC Dwarf.

There was Stryder the Elf Warrior and Mage with Longbow ready to fire.The lone elf was an archer and wizard. He mostly stuck with his trusty longbow.

Not to attack the newer systems but I could not do that in less than five minutes like I did with S&W.

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