Sunday, July 1, 2018


Note: This is a play test version! 
V.5 coming soon. 
Rules for Science Fiction Adventures
Version 0.358
Role Playing Adventures in Science Fiction
The story so far…
There has been a terrible war that has left the systems in turmoil. There are many dead planets out in the galaxy that no side won as the war itself ruined the planets.
The year is guessed at somewhere around 21,777 give or take 20 years either way. Much of the records of the 10 million inhabitable planets and the 300 billion stars are lost as well as most of past history. The planet Terra is a lost legend from long ago although some of its churches and cultures still do exist in much evolved forms. It was found that humans were all over the galaxy and even in some other galaxies that have been explored. Many of these humans have changed or been modified into very strange sub-races.
There are many sections of the universe that are suited for different styles of play and one can feel free to add another section as much of the STARCLADS universe is unexplored or undocumented due to the great collapse.

This game is first and foremost a Space Opera styled RPG. It also has the features of an economic game with fortunes being made and lost.

STARCLADS is also a very dramatic Tactical Space Combat War Game.  
I hope you enjoy creating your own section of the universe as these rules are toolkits that allow for character development, Colonies, Exploration, and huge space battles! 
You can create any character or race you want. You can design any starship of any size or scale. 
You can randomly explore space with a complete star system generator that creates the planet type, what vaulable natural resources that can be harvested, alien life forms and races. 
All in a very simple rules light system. 

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