Saturday, February 3, 2018

Vanadorn's D&D Campaign.

Vanadorn's D&D Campaign

IF you can't play then it's good to read about people's campaigns who are ongoing. Vanadorn doesn't beat around the bush. The tales from these two different groups is really some great stuff. It's one of those obscure blogs with a few followers that deserves to have a look taken at it.  I would suggest having a few pictures from the sessions and possibly a character profile or two and some art. Give his site a like and follow! One day I will take a longer look with a good bourbon on a rainy day. 

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  1. Someone just let me know about this and damned, thanks man! Let me know what you're drinking and we'll tilt back a few pints while waxing long about dungeons deep and adventurer's bold.

    Truthfully, thanks for reading and I'll take the art/profile thing under advisement.