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Back to the Dungeon RPG: The Class Act! Fighter and Rogue

So why another Neoclone? 
If you print them out in booklet style, they make nifty little zine book! 

Well most of the clones out there are just that, an almost exact clone of what was, flaws and all. THEN you have the bloated new stuff with all the cool options and such but DAMN! to many rules! 
IT'S just bad game design to make rules like that! So what did I do? I made a simple version of the old system I loved and added in a few modern options. IT needs to be easy to run! 

It should be a pleasure to create dungeon deep and wildernesses wild and NOT WORK!  

Here are monsters for example! 

For example here is a Goblin...
Goblin AC12+ HD1-1 Move20 Damage 1d6 Weapon and Ranged.

Goblins are small 4' tall evil stinking humanoids of various bestial looks. They only live to destroy. They are the ancient enemy of the dwarves but the plague all when they come to an area and multiply.

Orc AC12+ HD2 Move30 By Weapon +2

The ugly race of pig faced humanoids with green to brown mottled skin. They form tribes in the wilderness and join up to raid and destroy. The only weakness they have is fighting among themselves. Their leaders will have many more hit dice.

Swamp Dragon...
Dragon, Swamp AC16 HD7 Move40/60f/40s Bite 1d6, 2 claws
1d6, Tail 1d4, or Breath Weapon DC13 Acid 7d6

The Swamp Dragon is an evil swamp dwelling dragon that plots and plans how to acquire more gold.

There will be an entire post on monsters in the future. 

I gave the classes a bit more meat because players seemed to like that. I took the complication out of most of it compared to modern gaming. Check out the Fighter and the Rogue.

The brave and strong Fighter is the backbone of any adventuring group. He is the first line of defense against any and all threats. Fighters can be of any background and come from anywhere. Most Fighters depend on their Strength to do great damage on their opponents in combat. The Fighter answers most conflict with weapons drawn. They are trained at all weapons and armor. They are the simplest class to play.
• STRONG (STR): The Fighter may use his Strength to perform a feat of Strength such as moving heavy objects that no other characters can.
• SOLDIER (INT): The Fighter may also use his Intelligence to see the quality of weapons and armor.
• RESIST (CON): The Fighter uses his Constitution to resist toxins and drugs as well as any thing that might shock his system.
• RIDER (WIS): A Fighter may also use his Wisdom to keep control of his horse or other steed.
• DEFENDER (WIS): The Fighter may also keep his
undivided attention on as many opponents as his
Wisdom Bonus, that if they try and get past him or
attack anyone else, he will get a free melee attack
against as many adjacent enemies as his Wisdom Bonus
even if he has already taken an action this round.
• CLEAVE: A Fighter can cleave one extra victim at
first level and then every two levels. A cleave is
when you drop one opponent your leftover damage then
continues to the next opponent adjacent as long as
the attack roll would beat the AC and another attack
is made with a damage roll as well.
• FIGHTER: You are proficient in all weapons and armor.
• CRITICAL: Fighters get the Melee Critical Hit
ability. When they roll a natural “20” they
automatically do triple damage in Melee Combat only.
This damage continues to cleave to the next monster
if the first one dies from the massive damage.
Critical hits improve to x4 at 4th level x 5 at 8th
level improving every 4 levels.
Armor: Any
Weapons: Any
Hit Points: 1d10 per level.

Here is the nifty character sheet!

The Rogue can be a trained criminal, a thief, the master
of stealth and locks, a charmer, or conman. A Rogue can
be many things though most depend on their dexterity and
craftiness. Some are nothing of the sort using their
ability to manipulate others by their sheer personality.
In some cases these more criminally organized sorts kinds
will gather together and form Thievery Guilds.
• SHEERCLIMB (STR): The Rogue uses his Strength to
climb sheer surfaces that no other class can climb.
• THIEVERY (DEX): The Rogue uses his Dexterity to pick
locks, pick pockets, Stealth, and other criminal
activities better than any other class.
• DIRTYFIGHTER: If they hit a victim with a surprise or
flanking attack they do an additional 1d6 damage
every two levels.
• FLINGER (DEX): The Rogue is a flinger of darts and
daggers and may fling equal too his Dexterity bonus
per round.
• STALK (CON): They use their Constitution to hang out
for a very long time in cramp hidden places to stalk
their prey.
• DECIPHER (INT): The Rogue uses his Intelligence to
decipher maps and magic scrolls as well as ancient
text if he is literate.
• POISONER (INT): They have knowledge of various
poisons and their effects.
• CANT (INT): They also speak a Thieves Cant which
varies from area to area.
• SEARCH (WIS): The Rogue uses his Wisdom to spot
hidden things and to notice traps and tricks.
• SHADOW (WIS): He can also use his Wisdom to shadow
someone in a crowd.
• CONMAN (CHA): Many Rogues have glib tongues and use
their Charisma to charm and convince others.
• GIMP:On a natural “20” a rogue may Slow an opponent
causing him to move at half speed until healed, Stun
the opponent for 1d4 rounds, or cause 1 point
bleeding for 1d6 rounds.
Armor: Anything past Leather (AC 12) interferes with
physical abilities.
Weapons: Any

Hit Points:1d6 per level

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