Monday, August 15, 2016

In a Little Barony Far Far in the Western frontier...

On the Great Southern Gulf Coast are the Lands of the Ancient World. 
One of these lands is the Great Mastedellian Empire surrounded by monster filled wildernesses.  
In a Little Barony Far Far in the Western Frontier is the small city of Raven's Keep. 
The Western Frontier has many monster filled ruins and dungeons deep filled with treasure. 
One horrifying dungeon is called The Black Stairs.
Only the most cleverest of adventurers have returned form that mysterious ruined ground a few days form the city 

The flow of adventurers have been many.

Here is a list of all the players that have visited this dangerous land.  

Name    AL    Race    Class   Level     Player

Fulgar   CN Dragonian/Dwarf Fighter 3 Eric P.
Neko     NG Anshu Archer 3 Chris P.
Rain Silverleaf CN Wood Elf Druid 3 Machelle M. 
Jafar        LN Human Cleric 1 Gadge W. 
Rodgar    CN Karnin Assassin 1 Brent W. 
Ax         N Dwarf Fighter 1 Carson S. 
Jregg     N Half Elf Ranger 1 Joshua F.
Mercy   NG Half Elf Ranger 1 Bridget
Tanis     CN Sylph Splellblade 1 Chris L. 
Arya      NG Half Elf Sorcerer 1 Larissa J. 
BrennonCN Half Elf Ranger 3 Kevin A. 
Karliah  CN Wood Elf Rogue 1 Jade M. 
Anna     CN Drow/Elf Rogue 3 Machelle M.

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