Sunday, June 5, 2016


What many of you out there in blog internet land don't know is that my team of talented writers and artist have been working on a Zombie Survival Horror RPG called WITHOUT HOPE

We are now finished and are working on the art. Here is a sample of some of mine... 

Now your wondering why would someone come out with another Zombie Horror Survival RPG in a small sea of them?  

My fellow writer and I had a vision of a Zombie Horror where the players were just normal people in a world gone mad. With that level of realism brought in a level of fear and tension that previous Zombie RPGs I had written by myself had never had nor had any of the others I have played. 

IN fact I have never had a Zombie Horror game make me so tense! 

With my co-writer there were controls and standards of the Zombie Horror we wanted. 
  • One bite, no matter what and it's over, unless you chop of the limb but that still might not work. 
  • Guns and Combat is deadly realistic yet really simple.
  • Other people are the worst monsters. 
  • Sanity and Humanity scores that reflect the decent into terror and madness from seeing the dead rise to eat the living and the loss of family and friends.
  • Super quick character creation in the old school style of play. If your character dies then roll up another in minutes. 
  • A simple and easy to use percentile based system.  
  • There are no super zombies, intelligent zombies of any kind, just Zombie Horror in it's purest form. 

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