Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Expeditionary Campaigns: Introduction

Expeditionary Campaigns like they used to do in the old days. Like the Ryth Chronicle (1975-1977)  and the West Marches and of course the original Blackmoor and Greyhawk interlocking campaigns.

People in my area keep saying that it cannot be done in this modern world.

I say bullpucky!


Multiple Game Masters all local. At least three to start. Have to be really good to excellent Game masters!

Multiple Maps that connect between the Game Masters.

Make competition between players and parties!

Video Game like awards and trophies!

Multiple groups of players that can interlock.

Main Event Games at local convention.

In Game calendar rules.

Message Board or Facebook Page

Zine made to PDF and Print. Make sure and mention any player that plays by character name!

A set of rules conducive to quick play and ease to create. Stick with one set of rules. Steal ideas from other rules!

Plans for economics and politics.

Plans for warfare!

So in our modern day can we still have great games of old? Is that time passed to never happen that way again?

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