Saturday, March 28, 2015

Expeditionary Campaigns: Getting Started

Ingredients... (At least the first five)

Multiple Game Masters all local. At least three to start. Have to be really good to excellent Game masters! 

So you have to go out and look for these. You may already know who you want. Make sure and exclude anyone who is a negative ninny. They will come begging to join later. You can start out like a council having the originator of the idea the Leader or more like Project Manager to keep things going.  No end of the world scenerios unless everyone agrees. Keep threats fairly local. 

Multiple Maps that connect between the Game Masters.

Start with one map. Everyone who is a Game Master needs to work on it. Keep it small like one 8.5 x 11 with one inch equaling 20 miles is a suggestion. As Game Masters are added so are single page maps. Start from inside and go outward. Never try and make a whole world and then back fill it! Each Game Master gets the other to help fill the different maps. Multiple maps, stories, campaigns!     

Make competition between players and parties!

Very important as the games progress that each Game Master has different parties between them. Use the in game calendar  for travel times and such to see if a character can even be in certain areas if not using teleportation gates. Be strict on encumbrance and food rules.

Video Game like awards and trophies! 

Be creative and make up many awards and such. Steal from video games and any other source. Awards can also be weapons and titles as well as lands.  

Multiple groups of players that can interlock. 

At first keep them somewhat separated and only hear tales of these other adventurers.  As time progresses have grande adventurers where the heroes meet to work together or against each other. Warning hard feelings can occur so coaching is suggested.  

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  1. Somebody needs to write the system neutral text book for this game. I mean to say "game" since this is a whole other level of game. There's the game; the game of games (the campaign); and this, which is like the game of game of games.

    I nominate John Arendt, but who even knows if he reads here?